Do I need to book an appointment for a suit fitting?

Yes please. We are working with appointments so we can better assist everyone- an appointment ensures a consultant is able to advise you and a fitting room will be available. An appointment can be made via phone on 021 671 2807.

How far in advance should I book my fitting?

We advise coming in 1- 2 months prior to your function for your fitting. Please make a fitting appointment via the website form, email or call. If you come in too early for your fitting, chances are you may need another fitting due to change is body. If you come in too late for a fitting you run the risk of low stock availability in your size.

How many people can come with me when I make an appointment to fit?

If there is one person fitting they are welcome to bring one person with for advice. We are not able to accommodate many people due to other suit fittings most probably taking place at the same time.

How many fittings are there?

Only one fitting is necessary and the first fitting is free. If you would like a second fitting for the same function there will be a charge of R50 per person fitting.

What if I am unable to fit due to not being in Cape Town?

Please send us the following information via email to
1. Function date
2. Suit you would like to hire and
3. The measurements shown on the diagram.

We will then liaise with you with regards to availability. Only once the R50 deposit has been paid is the suit secured for your function. We urge people to fit once they arrive in Cape Town please. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for incorrect measurements given.

What if I need the suit for longer than the allocated days?

For each extra day that the suit is out of the store there will be a 10% charge on the garments you have booked.

We do not hire for longer than a week duration. 

What is the size curve you have for both men and boys?

Mens suits range mostly from 34- 52 jackets and 28- 46 slacks in most of our suit styles. We only have bigger size jackets and slacks in the Grey, Charcoal, Black and Classic Beige suits.
For the boys we can assist with age 4+ but this is dependent on the size of the boy.

Can I make a payment via EFT?

Yes, you can. Please see our banking details on this page and use your invoice number or name as a reference. Please also send us proof of payment so we can update the payments on our side.